Release: 20th November 2020

Stardust Crystals is the adventurous new large-ensemble album from Swiss-based Polish-Japanese singer-songwriter Yumi Ito.

Recorded in cooperation with Swiss Radio SRF Kultur, the 11-piece ensemble (representing musicians from eight different countries), adds colour, layers and a rich texture to these delicate and highly original songs. 

But it’s not just nations that Yumi brings together in this project; the music traverses neo-classical art-pop, references progressive electronica and gives a special twist to that classical jazz sound.

Aptly described by Jazzthing Magazine as an impressionist chamber orchestra flirting with Nordic pop, the eight original songs on the album could well have been taken from the pages of her diary. 

Written over the course of two years, after winning the Montreux Jazz Vocal Competition, fragments of melodies and glimpses of lyrics were lovingly pieced together whenever inspiration – or tragedy – struck.

Yumi Ito album cover

“Music from another planet, spherical and with an extraordinarily aesthetic sound”
– Concerto Magazine

“One of the most interesting albums of 2020”
– Donos Kulturalny

“A friend breaks under the pressures of life and is confined to a mental institution… An unfamiliar neighbour dies of a heroin overdose… Absinthe transmutes the streets of Prague into a Kafka-esque maze… 

In the grand scheme of things we are just Stardust Crystals!”

Stardust Crystals – Track Listing 

1 Stardust Crystals (Yumi Ito) 5:32
2 Little Things (Yumi Ito) 5:29
3 What Seems To Be (Yumi Ito) 4:38
4 Ballad For The Unknown (Yumi Ito) 5:48
5 Unwritten Stories (Yumi Ito) 5:08
6 Old Redwood Tree (Yumi Ito) 4:58
7 When The Lights Go Down (Yumi Ito) 4:52
8 Spaziergang In Prag (Yumi Ito) 6:40 

Total time 43:07 

Recorded & edited at Hardstudios by Andy Neresheimer
All compositions by Yumi Ito
Recording Date: 9.11.-11.11.2018
Studio engineer Aurélien Marotte edited and mixed  in Paris and mastering by Zino Mikorey in Berlin
Executive Co-Producer: Swiss Radio SRF2 Kultur, Peter Bürli
Produced by: Yumi Ito, Hugo Van Rechem, Aurélien Marotte
Label: Unit Records


Yumi Ito – vocals, composition, arrangement, lyrics (Switzerland, Poland, Japan)
Marina Tantanozi – flute (Greece, Switzerland)
Sam Barnett – altosaxophone (England)
Enrique Oliver – tenorsaxophone, bassclarinet (Spain)
Victor Darmon – violin (France)
Hugo Van Rechem – viola (France)
Jo Flüeler – cello (Switzerland)
Esther Sévérac – harp (Switzerland)
Izabella Effenberg – vibraphone, array mbira, crotales (Poland / Germany)
Kuba Dworak – doublebass (Poland)
Phelan Burgoyne – drums (England)

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