Wendolin's Monocle

September 18, 2022

Release: 18th September, 2022

[Mesocosm: an experimental ecosystem set up to  examine the environment under controlled conditions]

Building on the metaphor of a mesocosm, a space in which the boundaries between large and small are distorted, Austrian trio Owls’ upcoming work explores the concept of altering the spaces around us to change our perceptions

Their interdisciplinary, programmatic work ‘Wendolin’s Monocle’ is set to release on September 18th on Intersections

Their 10-track album tells the story of a young man who dares to cross the boundaries of observational spaces. The view through a monocle makes time stand still and gives him the ability to immerse himself in the world of the micro and the macro. 

Collaborating with the Viennese director, actor and author Klaus Haberl,  actor and speaker Rafael Wagner, the filmmaker Barry Horváth, the Austrian trumpet player Herbert Walser-Breuß and the Cologne-based vocalist Veronika Morscher, each piece is a musical tracing of the protagonist’s gaze.

The ensemble’s sound is cinematic and spacious, with sophisticated melodic phrasing and rich harmony floating over the listener in tranquil waves and flurries of energy

Well-versed in the idioms of modern European jazz, the lines between improvisation and composition are blurred. Having self-produced this work, the trio make extensive use of modern production techniques including electroacoustic sound processing, extended techniques including muted piano, looping, and effects processing, as well as the sampling of sounds found in nature, transporting the otherwise traditional trio format into a contemporary textural experience.


Line up

Simon Oberleitner | piano, electroacoustics

 David Ambrosch | upright bass

Konstantin Kräutler-Horváth | drums, sampling

Herbert Walser-Breuß | cornet, trumpet, effects

Veronika Morscher | vocals, speech

Klaus Haberl | recitation

Track Listing

Prunus Serrulata – And suddenly silence…
Moss and Stone
The Fisherman and His Soul
Waltzer der tanzenden Pfauenfeder
The Root
The Storm
Das Wissen lehnt an den Rückwänden seiner Gegenstände
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