To Vanish

March 23, 2023

Release: March 23, 2023

Australian piano trio Trichotomy really needs no introduction. Over the course of three compelling albums for Naim Records, collaborative releases with a string quartet and folk/jazz/blues troubadour Danny Widdicombe, they have carved out a reputation as one of the most exciting trio’s in contemporary jazz. Their upcoming album ‘To Vanish’ is set to release on March 24th on Earshift Music.

With a 20-year history of performing together and shows around the world in Japan, China, UK, Europe, Canada, South America the group have worked with dance companies and jazz, classical and pop artists , showcasing their versatility and captivating sound.

Inspired by a diverse range of influences from Portico Quartet, Pat Metheny and John Zorn to Tord Gustavsen and Nils Petter Molvear, Trichotomy’s music combines a dense rhythmic focus with a refined melodic clarity.

“I’d been working on my PhD, and had written more music for the band that continued to blend acoustic and electronic improvising, so we recorded a bunch of tracks in our studio during December 2019.

Once Covid was upon us, we took our time to craft this recording into something more… some guest artists, plus we added more layers. It was an interesting creative process, and it took the music in a fascinating direction”, pianist Sean Foran says.

The resultant album showcases the band’s ability to synthesise a spectrum of concepts, extending the sound world first created on their 2017 release ‘Known/Unknown’. To Vanish grabs the listener from the first track, with a sonically surprising journey in store. 

As drummer John Parkers explains, “It’s different from anything we’ve previously released. I think so much of the stuff we’ve been working on, the electronics, the projects with percussion and Danny.. All of this has translated into a lush, fluid sound.”

Opening with Forward Motion, the muted piano blends with soaring pedal steel guitar, with pulsing rhythms driving the track. It Bodes Well reveals a heavy backbeat groove, transforming into a lush bowed bass exploration.

The title track To Vanish puts atmospheric sounds against a delicate piano melody, with a dark undercurrent to the work. Reassemble brings an array of sounds, with constant layers and manipulations of the piano, bass and drums creating unpredictable changes. 

Although, it’s not all just the three-piece. “Since we had time to work on the tracks more, we invited some of our friends to add some parts. On selected tracks you’ll hear Danny Widdicombe on pedal steel, Nicole Tait on bassoon and Tom Green on keyboards. They really give the music something special’, bassist Sam Vincent mentions. 

These special guests add another dimension to the already captivating music, highlighting once again the broad spectrum of sound the band strives to create.

With a UK/Europe tour scheduled to support the release, To Vanish reminds audiences that Trichotomy have a stream of boundary pushing musical ideas to share, and they want you to come along with them.

To Vanish album

Line up

Sean Foran | piano
John Parker | drums

Danny Widdicombe |
pedal steel guitar
Nicole Tait |
Thomas Green | keyboards

Track Listing

Forward Motion

It Bodes Well

A Sense of Ordered Chaos

To Vanish
In Times Past and Present

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