Torben Westergaard

The Gori Project II

September 1, 2023

Release: September 1, 2023

Improvising in a shared, musical language requires the ability to listen to others and requires one to be able to suspend oneself and one’s desire to decide. 

A commentary on the modern condition of restrictive democracy with ever narrowing conditions, Danish bassist, composer and educator Torben Westergaard presents ‘The Gori Project II’, a cultural exchange between Scandinavian Jazz and South Korean folk music, set to release on September 1st.

Driven by the belief that music has the power to reunite with our feelings, our humanity, and each other, Westergaard has spent his four decade spanning career traveling the world in the pursuit of musical connection. With 18 records and two Danish Music Award nominations under his belt, ‘The Gori Project II’ is a deeper dive into the relationships formed through his previous South Korean collaboration, ‘The Gori Project’.

The word ‘Gori’ translates to ‘connection’ from Korean, and offers an insight into the meaning behind the project. “I believe creativity in the arts and music will be a medium to understand each other. Many cultural and societal issues are caused by misconnection and lack of understanding.” says Hyelim Kim, who plays daegeum, a traditional Korean bamboo flute.

Warm synthesizer pads, rich percussive timbres of drums and bells, hypnotic basslines, and the mesmeric intertwining of Korean folk melodies provided by the daegeum (bamboo flute) and trumpet/flugelhorn come together to craft an intimate world of meditative textures. Somewhere between composed and spontaneous, the music creates a space for the musicians and audience alike to participate in an egoless dialogue of ideas, sounds, feelings and traditions.

“The intention is to give the audience an experience of witnessing and becoming part of a space where cultures work alongside each other. Where there is a dialogue between differences. In this way, there is a message in The Gori Project II that this is how the world can also be.” – Torben Westergaard

Harald Walkate

Line up

Hyelim Kim 김혜림 | Daegeum
René Damsbak | Trumpet/flugelhorn, Synths & Electronics
Torben Westergaard | Bass, Keyboards, Voice
Marilyn Mazur | Percussion

Track Listing


And This Is So
You Then Who
Bruised Blue
Flute Me Up
Now Then When
Another Day Within
Det Var En Lørdag Aften
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