Silvan Joray featuring Nadav Erlich & Jeff Ballard


November 3, 2023

Release: November 3, 2023

New York-based guitarist and composer Silvan Joray reunites the openness of his European roots with a deep respect for the American jazz tradition in Updraft (Nov 3rd) – his second album as a leader and first for the Ubuntu Music label. 

A follow-up to his ambitious 2020 trio album cluster, the line-up features Israeli bassist and long-time colleague Nadav Erlich alongside legendary jazz drummer Jeff Ballard, known for his work with Brad Mehldau, Chick Corea and Pat Metheny amongst many others.

The music – refined by the trio over a two-year period – showcases Joray’s forward-thinking style which is characterised by a clear tone, crisp articulation and an intricate rhythmic concept. It’s peppered with extended techniques (listen out for quarter-tones and ‘tapping’) yet Joray’s innate gift for melody and lyricism shines throughout.

Seven original compositions sit alongside two short, freely improvised tracks. The serenity of joyful straight-eighth grooves, as heard in ‘Kokodrillo’ or ‘Kaeppeleview’, complements the swinging energy of pieces like ‘Updraft’ and ‘Kurtish’. We catch a glimpse of Joray’s passion for jazz standards, too, paying tribute to both Cole Porter ( ‘At Long Last Love’) and Andrew Hill (‘Subterfuge’).

As renowned jazz bassist Larry Grenadier commented: “Silvan along with Nadav and Jeff have made a musical statement together that has at its core a sense of history and at the same time moves the music towards the future with bold playing and fresh compositions. Sonically beautiful and captivating music.”

But whilst the record may well catch the listener’s attention with its fascinating interplay and serious jazz credentials, it is at its core a collection of compositions that strive to lift our spirits and elevate our perspectives.



Harald Walkate

Line up

Silvan Joray | Guitar
Nadav Erlich | Bass
Jeff Ballard | Drums

Track Listing

Morning Breeze
Very Sweet Stuff, But Nice!
The Liar
Something Ahead
Evening Breeze
At Long Last Love

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