Roberto Pistolesi

Open Lands and Moving People

February 17, 2023

Release: February 17, 2023

Renowned Italian drummer Roberto Pistolesi takes centre stage with the release of “Open Lands and Moving People” this February, on IIKmusic.

Energetic, complex and dynamic, the recording is an effortless blend of intricate, rhythmically sophisticated compositions and fearless improvisation. Bandleading drummers may not be in the majority through the history of jazz, but their unique position in the group has made for some of the most fascinating recordings of the last century.

Open Lands and Moving People is no different. Featuring dense harmony, thoughtful arrangements, a liveliness reminiscent of rock music and top level ensemble musicianship, it is apparent this is an ensemble rich in maturity and experience.

The line-up showcases not just Pistolesi’s broad musical network, but his location is the very heart of Europe. Roberto Tarenzi, Zack Lober, Daniel Juarez, Teis Semey and vocalist Sanne Huijbregts. In assembling the group, Pistolesi puts into song the impressions he’s gained from recent travels and musical partnerships. The music that emerges is a mixture of harmonic power, lyricism and rhythmic research, giving the listener an impression of large spaces, cities or natural environments, and of the movements of the people who live there.

“Even the most modern and busy city is built on a piece of land, and at some point it opens up to a field, a forest, or to open water. The interaction between the ever-existing land and the people that revolve around it is the inspiration to write for this project.”

Best known for his work with world-renowned saxophonist Stefano Di Battista with whom Pistolesi has been touring and recording for over a decade, the drummer has also collaborated with a variety of outstanding musicians including Steve Grossman, Tineke Postma, Jesse Van Ruller, Alina Engibaryan, and many more.

“Music has been present in my life right from the start, and it’s an accident that I now play the drums, because the drums got into my spirit later than my first love, which is melody.”

Having studied in New York under masters including Dan Weiss, Pistolesi’s music combines the grit and attitude of American jazz with the sensitivity and subtlety of his European roots.


Roberto Pistolesi

Line up

Roberto Pistolesi | drums
Roberto Tarenzi | piano

Zack Lober |
upright and electric bass
Daniel Juarez |
tenor saxophone
Teis Semey |
Sanne Huijbregts |
vocals, lyrics, vibes

Track Listing

High Res Skies
Serious Moves Towards An Argument

Critical Battery, Please Charge(Ambrosean)

Orchestral Unfavourites

The Big Wave
And the Infinite Sadness
C-ornette Alla Cream
Slow March
The Craziest Things

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