Richard Pavlidis


June 2, 2023

Release: June 2, 2023

Bringing together high octane modern jazz with a deep respect for the saxophone tradition, Melbourne-based Richard Pavlidis presents his latest offering – ‘Iconography’ – this June 2nd.

Described by ‘The Australian’ as a “saxophone colossus in the making”, the album captures the impact of modern era inspirations like Michael Brecker and Bob Berg, in a collection of songs which are energetic, playful, and full of joy. 

The six-piece group gives the tried-and-tested combination of swing, blues and funk their own personal spin, with airtight arrangements, virtuosic improvisation and a slough of highly memorable earworms of melodies. 

Electronic elements in the form of vivacious synth textures as well as the rare sighting of an EWI (electronic wind instrument) place the record somewhere between 70’s Herbie Hancock and something undeniably fresh, with a nod to 21st century saxophone contemporaries like Ben Wendel, Seamus Blake and Chris Cheek. 

The album itself tracks the next step of a prolific artist who, In just a few short years, has since built himself into a reputable force on the Melbourne jazz scene – with his music even found in the Australian Real Book and the Australian Jazz Museum

His 2019 debut ‘Without Within’ garnered international support and was quickly followed by Origins (2020), Lockdown Sessions (2020) and New Tears For Old Fears (2021). This latest offering adds an extra element to a saxophonist who is building a powerful and grooving back-catalogue.

Lars Jansson / Thomas Agergaard<br />
Garden of Sounds<br />

Line up

Richard Pavlidis | Tenor saxophone, EWI, Keyboards
James Bowers | Piano
Owen Downie | Electric Bass
Darryn Farrugia | Drums
Angus Leslie | Guitar
Salvador Persico | Percussion

Track Listing

Figure of Eight 
Straight and Narrow
The Enigma of a Day 
Still Life

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