Richard Andersson NOR feat. Hilmar Jensson


May 12, 2023

Release: May 12, 2023

Spending much of his time in collaboration with musicians from all around the world, standout Danish bassist Richard Andersson always finds time to make his way home to his trio, NOR. The ensemble is proud to present their latest exploration of the contemporary Nordic idiom, ‘UNDO’, set to release on May 12th on Hobby Horse Records.

Andersson grew up in a musical family but never showed much interest in music until the age of 14 when his life was turned upside down after a fireworks accident that cost him his sight.

He has since come to be known as one of the most interesting characters of the Danish jazz scene (Gaffa Music Magazine), boasting an extensive and diverse back-catalogue alongside artists including Jerry Bergonzi, Jorge Rossy, and Kasper Tranberg to name but a few.

With more than 100 concerts and two critically acclaimed albums under their belt, the trio felt it was time to invite another musical voice into their world – that of international guitar sensation Hilmar Jensson. Cutting his teeth at Berklee under legends such as Joe Lovano and Mike Goodrich, Jensson’s illustrious career has seen him perform in 35 countries alongside icons of contemporary jazz such as Seamus Blake, Ben Street, and John Zorn.

Rooted in the black sands of the Nordic sound, ‘UNDO” is dark, tranquil, and bold. The record’s eight tracks see the quartet embracing the space that is synonymous with NOR’s identity, colouring it with tension-riddled complex tonalities, hypnotising bass riffs and lamenting melodies. The Frisell-esque vibrations of Jensson’s guitar open up a world of texture, uninhibited improvisations and rich pools of harmony for the listener to soak in. 

With crystal clear modern production and healthy doses of organic reverberation, ‘UNDO’ is a meditative listen, capable of providing relief and peace to anyone in need.

Richard Andersson NOR feat. Hilmar Jensson UNDO

Line up

Richard Andersson | Double Bass
Oskar Gudjonsson | Saxophone
Matthias Hemstock | Drums
Hilmar Jensson | Guitar

Track Listing

Helmingur buinn
Sun RA


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Jazz, ses ruido

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La Gazette Bleue

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Sault Peanuts

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