Rasmus Kjær

TURIST (Wetwear Records)



Copenhagen-based producer & pianist Rasmus Kjær presents his new solo album ‘Turist’, a sincere and intrepid concept album voyaging through styles and cheap synthesizers.

Balancing the fine line between nostalgic authenticity and unsentimental plasticity, “Turist” offers emulated cook-offs of ‘exotic’ styles. Picking apart elements of everything from synthesised reggae, Chinese zither, 8-bit video game scores, meditative chants and afro-beat swing, Rasmus Kjær churns the pieces into a unique and colourful whole.

“A full-grown jazz modernist” Jazz Special (DK)

“a colourful charter vacation guided by cheap synths and esoteric voices”

In a charter vacation-like manner the listener is guided through a cinematic storyline. The eponymous tourist in the centre of the picture travels through esoteric and unfamiliar landscapes moving away from safe fields and eventually crossing into uncertain and dangerous territory.

The tourist must retrieve himself through meditation, spiritual awakening and rebirth. Rasmus Kjær’s humorous musical writing and intelligent understanding of its history make this experience truly authentic.

Rasmus Kjær began working on ‘Turist’ as far back as 2007, when he was touring across North America with the renowned Danish rock group Under Byen. Out on the empty highways, Kjær plugged a portable synth into his computer and created the first pieces of what would become ‘Turist’.

From here and over the next decade, Rasmus Kjær would shelve the project several times as he focused on other activities, including releasing the jazz album ‘Broken Bow’, his solo debut album ‘Orgelimprovisationer’ in 2016 and collaborating with bands like Frisk Frugt, SVIN and Klimaforandringer.

Every now and then, Kjær would spontaneously squeeze sounds out of any available instrument, and after 12 years – with the help of friends and producer Rune Borup (Jacob Bellens, Vinnie Who) – he has fulfilled the result, which is both naïve, bright and profound.

Jazz Press

“Jazz played on… cheap synthesizers!” 

Long Play

“far beyond the scope of an intriguing experiment.”

Hi-Fi World

“How lego sounds, plugged into the mains!” 

Babskim Uchem (PL)

“the achievements of a Scandinavian daredevil”