Meridian Steps

October 14, 2023

Release: October 14, 2023

People on the same Meridian share a time zone; one could say they are in unison. Reflecting on the individual paths they’ve taken through life and finding themselves brought together by their collective love of music, Vienna based trio PRIM dedicate their upcoming album to the feeling of unison they share. ‘Meridian Steps’ is set to release on October 14th

Following the success of their 2020 album ‘Garnet Tales’, PRIM have been establishing themselves on the international stage through tours around Europe and China, appearances at industry leading festivals including jazzahead!, Mladi Ladi Jazz Prag and Jazz Fest Wiesen as well as reviews and radio play in the UK (Jazz FM), Germany (Jazzpodium), and Italy (Jazzit) to name but a few.

PRIM are influenced by jazz greats like the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, classical luminaries like Johann Sebastian Bach, new music composers such as John Cage and folk cultures from around the world, brought together with the goal of crafting a sound that is uniquely theirs. 

“Our music is a bit like ordering a scoop of everything at the ice cream parlour and then mixing it wildly,” Martin Melzer explains. From modern jazz to funk and soul to western classical music, there is something from many corners of the musical landscape.

Featuring heavily affected bass tones, passages of spoken word, the warm organic timbre of a cello, lush synthesizers, and propulsive drum grooves, the trio’s sound is wide reaching and full of surprises. Built around airtight arrangements of intricate compositions, dramatic changes in energy, time, and tonality take the listener on an exciting journey through PRIM’s eclectic musical minds.

PRIM will be celebrating the release with a special performance on the 13th of October at ORF RadioKulturhaus, Vienna as part of Austrian public radio station Ö1’s ‘5 Millionen Pesos’ series.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Felix Biller | Keys, Voice (Track 1)
Martin Melzer | Bass, Voice (Track 6)
Christoph Karas | Drums
Lukas Lauermann | Cello (Track 5)

Track Listing

Frederic Being Oddly Numeric
Time Lapse Echoes
Separation Reimagined
Madison ‘71
Father Jai

30th October 2021

Radio Bemowo

30th October 2021

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