Phillip Dornbusch’s Projektor


April 14, 2023

Release: April 14, 2023

Berlin-based saxophonist Phillip Dornbusch reassembles his Projektor project for the release of Re|construct, an album with an important message delivered through intricately arranged, metrically sophisticated, tension-drenched contemporary jazz

Racism has long been an issue for German saxophonist Phillip Dornbusch, even though he is not directly affected. With his second album on BERTHOLD Records, he approaches the topic from different perspectives – and thus continues to develop the core idea behind his debut “Reflex”

The saxophonist and bandleader laid the groundwork for the record via research and honest conversations with people affected by racism, amalgamating their experiences and his impressions into nine pieces. These tracks, with their through-composed sensibility, not only set the tone, but play to the strengths of each individual musician involved resulting in intense improvisations and collective playing. 

A key element of this spirited album is Dornbusch’s own process of reflection: “I don’t want to over-emphasise myself, just because I’m doing it. Above all, it should clarify the process of learning, which in my case is also not yet complete.” 

It is his hope that listeners should feel encouraged by the music to deal with their personal stance on the subject of racism and to take proactive action against it. 

Take apart and reassemble: this concept refers both to Dornbusch’s compositions during the quintet’s intensive rehearsal process, and to the work’s title.  Using his music as an analogy for modern society, it signifies the collective process of transformation and the creation of something new – what Dornbusch feels must happen for us to move past the ever-present social injustices around us.

Multidimensionality, intricate timbres and counter-flowing rhythms come together to mirror the complex nature of systemic racism and the way individuals perceive others. The ensemble’s use of space and tension creates a powerful mood of frustration, anger and sadness, whilst leaving room for hope and positivity. These ideas are accentuated by the words spoken and sung by guest vocalists JuJu Rogers and Lina Knörr. That which sounds “beautiful” is constantly estranged, twisted and warped. 

The compositions invite your attention: they shimmer, groove and stimulate thinking about the world today.



Phillip Dornbusch’s Projektor

Line up

Phillip Dornbusch – Saxophone / Clarinets
Johanna Summer –
Johannes Mann –
Roger Kintopf –
Philip Dornbusch –

Track Listing

Constant Vacillation
In Art We Trust (feat. Juju Rogers)
Good Faith (feat. Lina Knörr)
Inescapable Network of Mutuality


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