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piano 2

At the beginning of 2019, trumpeter Pete Judge surprised himself and everyone else by releasing an album of solo piano miniatures, prosaically entitled ‘piano’ (partly in reference to his use of the soft pedal throughout the recording) which he recorded on a single autumn night in an empty St George’s Bristol,  a deconsecrated 1820s church reopened a few years ago as a concert space.

Now, in Spring 2020, comes the follow-up, the second storey (or ‘piano’): ‘piano 2’. As before, the album was recorded on a single day in St George’s Bristol. It consists of 16 pieces, ranging in length between one and five minutes.  

Leonardo Radicchi | Arcadia Trio
Pete is a trumpeter/multi-instrumentalist/composer based in Bristol UK, with a number of acclaimed performing/recording projects. He’s best-known for his work with internationally acclaimed post-jazz pioneers Get The Blessing and acoustic multi-instrumentalists Three Cane Whale.

I haven’t felt so close to a solo piano record since Keith Jarrett’s The Melody at Night, With You, the one he made when he was recovering from illness and wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerability. Piano 2 has a similar honesty. It’s not trying to wig you out or teach you something. It’s just there, like a friend.
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