Mulo Francel

Mountain Melody

(Oct 29th 2021, GLM Records)

Release: 29th Oct 2021

Saxophonist and globetrotter Mulo Francel has traveled the world with award-winning ensemble Quadro Nuevo for 25 years

But his latest album Mountain Melody takes this passion to another level, quite literally: the music was recorded on the top of 10 peaks, from Norway, Italy and Greece in Europe to as far afield as Iran, China and Egypt.

Growing up at the foot of the German Alps, Mulo developed a lifelong passion for mountaineering and, for the last few years, has been taking musical friends with him…

…always with instruments, and always with recording equipment!

Together they dragged a bass-balalaika, a copper tube glockenspiel and an Indian harmonium to the top of mount Olympus. Mulo stood on the Great Wall of China with his saxophones. They scaled the Alps with a vibraphone and a bandoneon. 

“Sometimes we caught an echo. But mostly there are no room acoustics at all. Just a complete openness of tonal and visual propagation.”

But the mountains don’t just provide the setting for these songs; they provide the inspiration too, and Mulo weaves the mythology and legends of these peaks into the music. 

With the raw performances captured, Mulo returned to the studio to supplement and finish this adventurous project which, in total, features more than 20 musicians from his musical families including members of Quadro Nuevo, Cairo Steps, Café del Mundo, Die Abenteurer and special guests

Mountain Melody invites you to join them all for a trip way above sea level into the clouds.

Mulo Francel


The Viking
Lofoten Artic Waters
The Wise
The 11th Commandment
Olympic Voice
Rising Of Collective Happiness
Poet On A Mountain Top
Ikarus’ Dream
Chant From The Mountain Trail
Dance Of Stars
With Or Without The Glacier

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