Michel Meis 4tet

Lollipop Moment

May 23, 2023

Release: May 23, 2023

Lollipop moment: a moment someone said something and did something that made your life fundamentally better.

Following the success of their 2019 release ‘Lost In Translation’ and 2021 sophomore album ‘Kaboom’, Luxembourg drummer Michel Meis and his quartet return with the bold ‘Lollipop Moment’, set to release on May 23rd.

Inspired by author and leadership speaker Drew Dudley’s definition of a ‘lollipop moment’, Meis strove to produce an album which reaches people’s hearts and gives them a burst of feel-good spirit. 

Whilst Meis gathered his usual collaborators for his third quartet venture (Alisa Klein on trombone, Cédric Hanriot on piano and Stephan Goldbach on double bass), he strove to push their instrumentation towards a more electronic sound through the addition of synthesizers and effects.

Explosive, edgy and provocative, the album sees compositions embedded within extended and fearless free improvisations. Elaborate as it is spontaneous, Meis’ quartet break down genre boundaries by creating something truly cutting-edge that refuses to be pigeon-holed.

Featuring rapidly changing rhythms, energetic arpeggiators, complex harmony and head-banging drum grooves, Lollipop Moment’s complex and relentlessly surprising structures are  bound to keep any listener second guessing. From electronic dance music to swing, and from angular dissonance to a tender ECM-esque ballad, the quartet cover an astonishing array of sonic territory while remaining true to their creative identity as an ensemble.

An active member of Luxembourg’s music scene, Meis is a Paiste cymbals artist and performs regularly with projects all over the musical spectrum including the Gilles Grethen Quartet (jazz), Venerem (art music), Blankx duo (free jazz/electronic), Everwaiting Serenade (melodic hardcore), and Scottish bassist David Bowden.

To celebrate their new release, the Michel Meis Quartet will be touring Luxembourg and Germany this summer with shows in Luxembourg City, Wiltz, Stuttgart and Saarbrücken.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Michel Meis | Drums, Effects
Alisa Klein | Trombone, Effects
Cédric Hanriot | Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizer
Stephan Goldbach | Double bass, Synthesizer

Track Listing

Blue Hour
Puff Puff Puff
Bye Bye Balloon
Track The Crack
The Madness



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