Michael Arbenz

Reflections of D

March 15, 2023

Release: March 15, 2023

Perhaps best known for his work with renowned Swiss trio VEIN, Michael Arbenz returns to his roots for a solo piano tribute to one of Jazz’s greatest icons, Duke Ellington

A collection of reimaginings of the prolific composer’s standout works, ‘Reflections of D’ is set to release on the 15th of March.

Well versed in the idioms of both Jazz and Classical music, the record sees Arbenz scrutinize the composer’s songs through the lens of his own musical curiosity. 

Each piece gets a fresh context, inspired by Ellington’s own musical universe, in which his compositions and arrangements are synonymous with and informed by his own piano playing

Arbenz, who also works as a composer and arranger, makes use of his own perspectives in these areas to add depth, modernity, and his personal voice to the music.  

The timeless standard “Take the “A” Train” is transformed with rich contemporary harmony, whilst “Reflections in D” turns into free improvisation with an impressionistic flair. With each piece the listener is led through two compositional worlds; the familiar chord changes, melodies and song structures that any Ellington fan would recognize, and the varnish of Arbenz’s own spontaneous musicality.

Expanding the sonic palette with overdub techniques and electronic effects, the record is pulled away from the sound of a straight solo piano album and into a more contemporary space via the immersive soundscape of “African Flower” and the pulsing groove behind “It Don’t Mean a Thing”. Honouring tradition, the album closes with the same piece Ellington usually closed his concerts with: “Lotus Blossom” by Billy Strayhorn. 

Whilst this is his first solo work to date, Arbenz’ career has seen him tour extensively throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and South America, and perform and record alongside a host of highly respected musicians in international contemporary Jazz including Greg Osby, Glen Ferris, Dave Liebman, Marc Johnson, Wolfgang Puschnig, and Andy Sheppard.

Michael Arbenz Reflections of D Cover

Line up

Michael Arbenz | Piano

Track Listing

Take The A Train
African Flower
In My Solitude
Duke’s Place
Reflections In D
It Don’t Mean A Thing
Lotus Blossom

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