Matthias Bublath / Michi Ruzitschka

Duo Norte Sul

May 26, 2023

Release: May 26, 2023

Matthias Bublath and Michi Ruzitschka are both European jazz musicians afflicted with burning passions for music from around the world who have built their lives and careers thousands of miles from home. An exploration of Brazil’s rich musical culture, their debut duo album ‘Duo Norte Sul’ is set to release on May 26th.

Following his initial musical studies in his home, Austria, and at the esteemed Berklee College of Music, Ruzitschka spent two decades in Brazil, absorbing, writing and performing with artists including Toninho Ferragutti, Elba Ramalho and Chico César. 

One of the few specialists of the Brazilian 7 string acoustic guitar, his sound is grounded in the Latin American tradition with elements of flamenco and pan-African inflections.

Best known for his award-winning Eight Cylinder Big Band and Hammond Organ Trio, Bublath has spent over ten years in New York as a prolific member of the city’s cutting edge jazz scene. His sound has been described as extremely versatile, bringing together gospel, blues, latin influences, and his European roots into his own compositional and soloistic voice.

Duo Norte Sul, their first duo record, is a collection of intricate original compositions and reinterpretations of Brazilian classics constructed over a number of infectious latin american rhythms including the Baião, Samba, Bossa Nova, Chacarera and Bolero. The pair weave and dart their way through their labyrinthine compositions, executing complex metric maneuvers, unison melodies at breakneck speeds, and highly energetic improvisations without missing a beat – and without the foundation of a drummer or bassist.

Both virtuosos without question, the record is technical without being flashy or over the top. At the core it is the writing, the rich harmony, and the exploration of their shared musical minds that come across as being the most significant features of their duo debut.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Matthias Bublath | Piano
Michi Ruzitschka | 7 String Guitar

Track Listing

Cante Jondo
324 Centre Street
No Rancho Fundo
Bala Com Bala
Besame Mucho
Samba Norte Sul


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