Release: 25th of June 2021
(GLM Music)

Led by Franco-American singer Marion Lenfant-Preus, Histoires by Marion & Sobo Band takes the listener on a playful jaunt through Europe, with its own modern spin on gypsy jazz, world music and chanson.

The 13 songs cover six different languages, showcasing the raucous enthusiasm for travelling that the musicians share. 

The tunes are sometimes tender and enchanting, sometimes gripping or tongue-twisting. The overriding feeling, though, is one of fun, freedom and happiness. 

At the heart of this Bonn-based French-German-Polish quintet is Marion (who grew up in France) and Polish guitarist Alexander Sobocinski, aka Sobo. 

But it’s not just the musicians themselves who are well-travelled; the musical language of the repertoire is also colourful and diverse. 

There is of course the enduring influence of  Gypsy Swing “à la Django” – acrobatic guitar solos and impressive violin playing next to powerful double bass and the percussive off-beat of the accompanying guitar. 

Alongside that, though, other styles drift in and out; jazz improvisation, impressionism, chanson, Balkan music

In fact, the music is driven less by a specific label and more by the many stories that these musicians have to tell, and the way they tell them: playfully, with humour and with colour.

Yumi Ito album cover

“Absolutely irresistible!” – Folker

Marion & Sobo Band photo

Marion Lenfant-Preus vocals
Alexander Sobocinski guitar 
Stefan Berger bass
Frank Brempel
Jonas Vogelsang

Label: GLM Music
Format: CD / DIGITAL
Catalogue No. FM310

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