Machina Mundi

Machina Mundi

December 16, 2022

Release: December 16, 2022

Inspired by the ancient philosophical notion that the universe works like a machine, renowned saxophonist Lubos Soukup presents his latest musical undertaking. The self-titled debut album from his new quartet ‘Machina Mundi’ is set to release on the 16th of December

The project follows the saxophonist’s 2022 release ‘Levitas’, a raw and intimate collection of duo performances in celebration of his long-standing collaborative relationship with pianist Christian Pabst. 

Showcasing another side of Soukup’s musicality, Machina Mundi is modern, extended by electronics, and almost programmatic in nature. 

Along with William Larsson on keys, bassist Graig Earle and drummer Daniel Johansson, the music is inspired by the likes of Weather Report and Chris Potter’s Underground. The record’s compositions are elegant and challenging, yet accessible due to their use of ‘feel-good’ grooves, lyrical melodies (listen for guest singer Karmen Roivassepp on track 6) and exciting improvisations. 

Perpetual energy, complex arrangements and electronic textures of synthesizers, stutter effects and warped reverbs all contribute to the sense that the music is designed to reflect our mechanical universe.

Interwoven with symbolism from tarot imagery, through each piece the musicians explore concepts including constellations (Mundi Special #1 & Black and White Sphinxes)), twists on biblical stories (Out of the Garden of Eden), the idea that life can be changed rapidly in a split second (The Wheel of Fortune) or the notion that everyone has a meaning and purpose in life (The Eighth Star).

Machina mundi

Line up

Luboš Soukup | tenor/soprano saxophone, clarinet
William Larsson |
rhodes, keyboards, effects
Graig Earle | double bass
Daniel Johansson |
Karmen Roivassepp |
vocals (track 6)

Track Listing

Mundi Special #1
Black and White Sphinxes
The Wheel of Fortune
Out (of the Garden of Eden)
The Eight Star
The World



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