Elephant Love Song

March 10, 2023

Release: March 10, 2023

Swiss trio Luumu return with their third album – Elephant Love Song – this March 10th, in a stylistic wandering which blends spherical jazz with dark indie folk and contemporary Scandinavian soundscapes.

Singer, pianist & composer Adina Luumu, double bassist and sound-tinkerer Simon Iten, and drummer Andy Schelker join forces with an 8-piece string & brass ensemble for a collection of music which is playful, floating, magical and mythical, yet underpinned by a deep Nordic melancholy.

Whilst the 10 original songs have many stories to tell – from deeply personal stories to subtle criticism of our society or climate change – they are tied together by a deep sense of loss and dedicated to a good friend who passed away before the album took shape.

From all these powerful, subtle, comforting, vulnerable, angry and warm moments, a compositional and narrative body of work has emerged, in which each song has been given the precise instrumental scoring it needs, from a minimalist instrumentation of piano, vocals and flute to a full-scale orchestral soundscape with multiple overdubs. 

With a voice and heritage that seems to join the ancient lands of Ireland and Scandinavia, the bandleader’s enchanting vocals are both delicate and compelling, bridging the gap between the traditions of jazz and folk music, with a little electronic magic along the way. 

Since their formation in 2012 and debut album (The Eye of the Clown Behind the Spyglass) in 2014, Luumu has played over a hundred concerts across Europe, inviting audiences into their own musical daydream.

The cinematic description is no throwaway buzzword either; Luumu’s music videos and accompanying animations have been shown at film festivals as far afield as Brazil, Egypt, Switzerland and the UK. 

Taken as a whole, ‘Elephant Love Song’ is a compositionally complex yet accessible work, which becomes even more colourful every time you listen to it. A journey through times and worlds that, like a comforting daydream, is best enjoyed with eyes closed.

Elephant Love Song

Line up

Adina Friis | piano, vocal, compositions
Simon Iten | double bass, e-bass, synth
Andy Schelker | drums, glockenspiel
Patricia Brogli | flute
Nils Fischer | saxophones & bass clarinet
Sonja Ott | trumpet
Simon Petermann | trombone
Gabriel Miranda Martínez | violin
Christina Moser | violin
Shih-yu Tang | viola
Anna Jeger | cello
Florian Pittet | Backing vocals

Track Listing
All That‘s Left
Tell You A story
Circle of Existence
Verdens Sange
Hazy Wintersun
The Hope of Fools

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