Luca Sestak

Lighter Notes

March 8, 2024

Release: March 8, 2024

German-born pianist/composer Luca Sestak is internationally recognized for his virtuosic classic-infused jazz style, with a Youtube channel boasting a staggering 30+ million views. Following his 2020 release ‘Right or Wrong’ via Sony Music, performances for two presidents, a three week tour of China and more, Sestak returns to his roots with ‘Lighter Notes’, set to release on March 8th.

“Throughout the years, my music has been influenced by jazz, funk, pop, blues, hip hop, and electronic beats. With ‘Lighter Notes’, I wanted to create an album that showcases these influences but is not the ‘common’ jazz-sounding album one might expect,” said Sestak. “It’s more of a collision between genres and sound worlds.”

Showcasing his exceptional pianistic skills as well as his creative ability to intermingle various musical genres effortlessly, the record features six original compositions alongside an arrangement of the well-known traditional song “House of the Rising Sun” and reinterpretations of classical pieces by Chopin, Gulda and C.P.E Bach in a jazzy, up-tempo context. 

As the title suggests, ‘Lighter Notes’ was driven by a conscious effort to employ a more delicate and dynamic approach to his playing to give each note more meaning. Influenced by the soundworlds of Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, Sestak prepared his piano with materials including strips of felt and duct tape, offering a warm, intimate aesthetic with which to contrast the explosive passages of dextrous energy the pianist has come to be known for.

The entire album was recorded live, with no click or backing tracks, championing the authentic live sound of Sestak’s piano trio as they navigate his intricate arrangements and impressively wide array of influences.

Accompanying Sestak are Alexander Broschek on bass and Nicholas Stampf on drums, both of whom are fellow students from the reputable Pop Academy in Mannheim, Germany and established musicians in their own right, performing regularly with the likes of Alice Merton, Nick Hakim and Conic Rose. 

Sestak’s new record is not just about music; it’s a testament to the pianist’s journey back to his earliest inspirations and his playful, lighter approach to life. This album is a reminder to not take oneself too seriously, to appreciate the lighter notes in music and in life.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Luca Sestak | Piano
Nicholas Stampf | Drums
Alexander Broschek | Double Bass, Electric Bass
Oli Parker | Trumpet (track 10)

Track Listing

Minute Waltz
Everyone’s Busy
When The Wind Turns
The House of the Rising Sun
The Final Lap
Blame Game

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