Luboš Soukup & Christian Pabst


September 2, 2022

Release: September 2, 2022

Connected by more than 10 years of musical history and companionship, renowned German pianist Christian Pabst and prolific Czech saxophonist Luboš Soukup finally realise their longstanding goal of exploring the intimate and challenging duo format with Levitas (Sept 2nd, Animal Music).

Delving into the rich rhythmic world of folk, classical and jazz, the pair demonstrate just what’s possible when two musicians share a deep musician connection. 

Meeting in 2011 at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, the pair built a near-instant rapport; a mutual feeling of human understanding and musical synergy.

And whilst they have both gone on to forge individual careers, they regroup each year to tour or, on two occasions, release critically acclaimed albums. The first, a large ensemble project in the Gil Evans mould, whilst the other with legendary guitarist Lionel Loueke.

But whilst big bands and intricate orchestration brings its own challenges, perhaps none matches up to that of two musicians, alone, with just their compositions and improvisational wits.  

Ranging from the comforting, beautifully melodic ballad ‘Snow’, to the angular, explorative, almost unsettling sound of ‘The Red Sea’, the musicians take on different worlds of sound and feeling effortlessly. 

Within their detailed arrangements and the array of textures at the duo’s disposal, the listener would be forgiven for forgetting that there are a maximum of two musicians playing at any given time. 

And, in spite of its level of musical complexity, what is abundantly clear is this is music played from the heart, driven by melody, and capable of connecting with a wide array of audiences. 


Line up

Luboš Soukup | saxophone, clarinet
Christian Pabst | piano

Track Listing

Levitas I
The Red Sea
The house Above The Trees
Levitas II.


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