Lorenzo De Finti Quartet

Mysterium Lunae
May 10th 2022
Release: May 10th 2022

While much of the music crafted during the worldwide hardships brought on by the pandemic seems to focus on themes of isolation and negativity, ‘Mysterium Lunae’ offers up another perspective.

Lorenzo De Finti Qrt’s 3rd studio album, coming May 10th, aims to convey the spirit of moments of beauty and brightness amidst the dark of the past two years.

The body of work’s name is derived from an ancient theological metaphor. In De Finti’s words, it expresses how “a cold, arid and barren object can mysteriously become a source of poignant beauty, as it reflects a bigger light, coming from somewhere else.” 

In this way, the Italian pianist contextualizes his emotive compositions as uplifting, emotionally transportive sources of healing and peace

Built on the strong foundation of thoughtful songwriting, the quartet’s open sound and colorful harmony are undeniably European in nature. Shifting seamlessly between delicate arrangements and extended passages of improvisation, the record features an incredible dynamic range

Intimate, melancholic piano moments are juxtaposed with explosive flashes of energy and egoless, virtuosic soloing, where every decision is made to serve the music. 

Drawing parallels to Nordic jazz pioneers E.S.T, Mysterium Lunae’s style is hard to pin down. From the unabashedly bluesy solos of bassist Stefano Dall’Ora, the driving, rock-influenced grooves of drummer Marco Castiglioni, to the classical, cinematic sound of trumpet player Alberto Mandarini’s orchestral experience, the listener is taken on a journey through feeling and texture that defies expectation. 

With interactive musicianship at its core, extended piano techniques, string section overdubs, and innovative production techniques give the quartet a truly modern sound.

De Finti and the band will be celebrating Mysterium Lunae’s release with a special performance at Concert Hall in Tilburg, The Netherlands, at Stranger Than Paranoia festival, opening for icon Kenny Garret.

Lorenzo Quartet

Line up

Lorenzo De Finti | piano, compositions

Stephano Dall’Ora | bass, compositions

Alberto Mandarini | trumpet & flugelhorn

Marco Castiglioni | drums

Track Listing

Mysterium Lunae
Mystery Clock
Whispers from the End of the World
Tiny Candle in the Storm (Shining on us)
Minuial Enni Arphent
Mysterium Lunae – Video Edition







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