Joshua Espinoza

Songs From Yesterday

September 29, 2023

Release: September 29, 2023

Following his 2022 single release ‘And So It Goes’ which broke into the Top 40 of Spotify’s Global Jazz Charts, Latino-American pianist Joshua Espinoza is proud to present his much anticipated sophomore album ‘Songs From Yesterday’. A sonic reflection on his life and the music that made him, this captivating trio album is set to release on the 29th of September.

The seeds of the album were planted in the early days of the pandemic, a time that invited Espinoza to reflect on his life, his complicated childhood, and his earliest musical memories

Growing up in the conservative culture of the southern USA with Mexican and Appalachian heritage, Espinoza struggled to come to terms with his homosexuality and racial identity, turning to the piano as a place of refuge and peace.

Influenced by uniquely American musical traditions (jazz, folk, and blues) alongside classical impressionism, chamber music, and pop and drawing inspiration from artists including Chick Corea, Shai Maestro, and composer Maurice Ravel, Espinoza strives to create a sonic world unique to himself. Possessing a sweeping color palette, the trio explores shimmering harmonies and shifting orchestral contours with the aesthetic of a chamber ensemble as much as a jazz trio. 

Featuring five original compositions as well as inventive interpretations of classics by Espinoza’s all time favorite songwriters Lennon/McCartney, Billy Joel, and Leonard Cohen, the album’s sound is virtuosic, energetic and complex, yet grounded in folkloric roots. Rich, comforting harmony and tender ballads juxtaposed with high-octane solos and gutsy riffs showcase the seemingly endless stylistic shadings the trio are able to explore with ease.

Appalachian folk-melodies, intricate counterpoint, latin-american grooves and head-bopping backbeats led by Espinoza’s effortless musical prowess offer the listener an insight into the pianist’s complex heritage and musical identity. Driven by a desire to expand jazz listenership beyond its current boundaries, ‘Songs From Yesterday’ connects with anyone willing to listen.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Joshua Espinoza | Piano
Kris Monson | Double Bass
Jaron Lamar Davis | Drums

Track Listing

Appalachian Wanderer
Happy Song
Eleanor Rigby
And So it Goes
Don’t Fan the Flame

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