Jesper Thorn


September 29, 2023

Release: September 29, 2023

Danish bassist Jesper Thorn has come to be known for his deeply personal, introspective, soul-searching sound through which he strives to untangle his innermost thoughts and conflicts. A followup to his award-winning 2020 release ‘Boy’, ‘Dragør’ dives into his complex feelings towards the town by the same name in which he grew up. The third album under his own name, it’s set to release on September 29th on April Records.

Rooted firmly in the Scandinavian jazz idiom, ‘Dragør’ is unwaveringly beautiful with a complexity and darkness to it that reflects Thorn’s turbulent emotional relationship to his hometown. His stories he set to music include his strained relationship with his father, overcoming a debilitating case of asthma brought on by being born five weeks early, dealing with feeling that he didn’t belong, and the deep-seated silence and guilt that came from his Catholic heritage.

Thorn’s new record carries forward the same lineup as his previous two bodies of work –  Marc Méan on piano/electronics and Tobias Wiklund on cornet, with the new additions of Andreas Bernitt on violin and viola and April Records labelmate Cecilie Strange on tenor saxophone.

Melancholic harmony and intricate songwriting provide the delicate framework through which each member of Thorn’s quintet can impart their own impressions and feelings on his stories. The arrangements create space for every corner of the quintet to carry melodies, be they written or improvised, and the resulting sound is dynamic, evolving, and highly immersive.

The gentle timbre of Strange’s tenor, lamenting cornet melodies, soaring strings, warm synth textures, muted pianos and masterful musicianship all contribute to the realisation of Thorn’s cohesive conceptual and musical vision.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Jesper Thorn | Double Bass, electronics
Marc Méan | Piano, electronics
Tobias Wiklund | Cornet
Cecilie Strange | Tenor Saxophone
Andreas Bernitt | Violin, viola

Track Listing
About Fathers and Sons
Upside Down
Dragør (Part 1)
Dragør (Part 2)
Asthma Breath
Sweeping It Under The Rug
About Fathers

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