Human Being Human


November 10, 2023

Release: November 10, 2023

“Every man has two deaths, when he is buried in the ground and the last time someone says his name” – Ernest Hemmingway

Evoking similarities to Hemmingway’s musings on the impact we as individuals can have on those around us, Danish trio Human Being Human’s second record strives to celebrate the joy that comes with the fragility of life instead of mourning loss and the notion of fading into obscurity. ‘Disappearance’ is set to release on November 10th on April Records.

The record follows the trio’s 2022 debut ‘Equals’ which sought to reinvent the perceptions synonymous with a jazz trio, weaving elements of electronica into their compositions to access new textures and dimensions.

Self-described as explorers of “improvisation, grooves and moods”, the trio’s sound is playful, contemplative and dynamic. With intricate rhythmic writing serving as a sandbox for spontaneity, ‘Disappearance’ sees the ensemble sound at home with driving riffs in irregular meter, gentle lamenting ballads, energetic funk reminiscent of The Meters, spacious Nordic melancholy and everything in between.

Each of the eight original compositions seek to unravel questions and ideas that arise as we come to face to face with our fleeting existence; whether we’re marveling at the genesis of it all with ‘Big Bang’, cherishing a post-quarantine life in ‘Together Again’ or embracing the blissful solace of ‘Aware’, the listener is treated to beautiful, spirited and vibrant performances that portray the musicians’ best.

The brainchild of bassist Torben Bjørnskov, Human Being Human features pianist Esben Tjalve and drummer Frederik Bülow, each bringing a wealth of experience and identity to the trio’s palette. Bjørnskov has graced stages and studios across the world with James Moody, Matthew Herbert and Billy Cobham as well as leading his own ensembles including the Torben Bjørnskov Trio. Tjalve also boasts global performances and high profile appearances with artists including Cecilia Stalin, Henrik Jensen and the pianist’s own Red Kite project, in addition to composing for theater, radio and television. The highly-decorated and versatile Bülow has found success with projects like Abekejser that fuse jazz with electronica as well as with neoclassical compositions with his Misceo collective.



Harald Walkate

Line up

Esben Tjalve | Piano, Keyboards
Torben Bjørnskov | Double Bass, Electronics
Frederik Bülow | Drums

Track Listing

Continuation Day
Together Again
When You FInd It, You Will Know
Big Bang

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30th October 2021

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