October 21, 2022

Release: October 21, 2022

Sprung out of the vibrant experimental scene of Uppsala, Sweden, Hexabit is united by their desire to push the boundaries for improvisation and composition through their wild, playful, and cacophonous sound.

Through their debut release ‘Unrulers’, set to release on October 21st, the sextet boldly juxtapose atonality, tension and energy with soothing harmony, peace and melodic songwriting for a sound that keeps the listener on their toes. 

The most immediately striking aspect of this ensemble is its unusual yet highly effective instrumentation. An extension of the group ‘Trilobit’ who have two albums under their belt, the lineup features two drummers, harp, lap steel guitar, bass, and saxophone. Even more interestingly, the unit describes themselves as being a ‘double trio’,  capable of making the sonic choice of dividing into two completely autonomous three piece ensembles.

Warm, analogue sounding recording textures give the record a raw, organic feel; an apt vessel for the ensemble’s open and eccentric sound. Modern production, affected instruments and synthetic textures transport their sound into a contemporary, dreamy, almost psychedelic landscape. 

Sitting somewhere between the modal, free, and spiritual branches of jazz, with elements of folk/americana and rock, Hexabit’s sound refuses to be categorized.

While their embrace of pandemonium has the potential to intimidate listeners who are faint of heart, their ability to evolve and devolve from complete chaos to hard-hitting grooves and basslines, lyrical melodies and thoughtful arrangements makes for a completely unexpected spiritually transportive experience. 

Featuring highly active members of the Swedish jazz scene, one may have come across some of its members performing in outfits such as SHA3K, Orion, Stina Hellberg Agback/Jonas Isaksson Quartet, Siri Karlsson, and Among Lynx.


Line up

Stina Hellberg Agback | harp

 Simon Svärd | lap steel guitar 

Karl Jansson | drums

Mörjan Hultèn | saxophone

Tove Brandt | bass

Daniel Olsson | drums

Track Listing 
Time Is Up
Mock Duck
Moon Trip

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