Chris Gall & Bernhard Schimpelsberger

out April 24th


A myriad of musical dimensions…

Four years after their live, direct-to-vinyl debut, Bavarian pianist Chris Gall and London-based drummer & percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger present the studio version of the Myriad project.

“Evidence that jazz is alive and kicking in Germany” Jazzwise

All About Jazz


Their respective strengths fit each other’s spaces like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle slotting together, making for a worldly outing full of color and beauty.

All About Jazz

JazzAroundMag (BE)


A fascinating mix of genres where jazz, neo-classical romanticism and Indian music are enriched by the connection between these two musicians.


Chronicle Series (UK)

It’s not easy listening jazz but it is easy to listen to. 

Chronicle Series (SK)

The piano and percussion work in symbiosis, like a newly married couple; each sacrifices himself for the other, listens and finishes the other’s sentences!

Babskim Uchem (PL)

Myriad is in its charm full of mystery and guides the listener through countless paths of musical emotions.

Babskim Uchem

Donos Kulturalny (PL)

A great album that breathes the breeze of undoubted originality into a proven formula.

Donos Kulturalny

Spellbinding Music (IE)

The Chris Gall & Bernhard Schimpelsberger’s Myriad project toys with rhythm and percussion instruments as the basis for new compositions while juggling with a multitude of reference points.

Spellbinding Music

Jazzport (CZ)

Each of the songs has its one-of-a-kind flavor.


Jazzthing video premiere