I Just Came From The Moon

Ånd Ud (April Records)

Feb 25th 2022

Release: 25th Feb 2022

If you’re looking for a place to reflect on life, the passing of youth and the beauty of planet earth, a remote house on a small island is perhaps up there with the best…

That’s exactly where the members of Danish group I Just Came From The Moon headed to record their second album. 

A couple of extended weekends on the small island of Fur (in the Danish province of Jutland), with a single engineer as company, laid the foundations for their release, Ånd Ud (out Feb 25th, April Records).

It’s a more pensive, mature record; a coming-of-age story that waves farewell to a carefree youth in music. But, as bandleader and bassist Frederik explains, “it’s mixed with a profound serenity when realising that what lies ahead might be even better.”

The music was created, recorded, mixed and, ultimately, produced by the band members themselves. 

“The songs are really personal, and we were absolutely sure how we needed them to sound” says Tobias, who plays drums and mixed most of the music.

Soaring trumpet and shimmering reeds sit on top of a post-rock inspired rhythm section and hypnotic guitar riffs. 

In a time where most people have likely considered life beyond our pandemic-stricken planet, I Came From The Moon gives a timely reminder of the beauty of life (and jazz) on earth.

I Just Came From The Moon (album cover)

Line Up

Jonas Scheffler | Trumpet
Nis Myrtue |
Saxophone & Clarinets
Nikolaj Bugge | Guitar
Frederik Hagner |
Tobias Andreassen | Drums

Track Listing 

White (4:29)
Utke (3:22)
Fossils (4:02)
Dark Latin (4:54)
Ånd ud (2:37)
Mexico (5:03)
Incendies (4:14)
Brothers (4:09)
Snowman (5:18)

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