Foaie Verde


June 24, 2022

Release: June 24th, 2022

After the recent years marked around the world by quietness, longing, and hope, Balkan folk ensemble Foaie Verde (“green leaf”) rise from the ashes to present their joyous, life-affirming second album Phoenix, releasing on June 24th on GLM records.

Hailing from four different corners of Europe, the ensemble combines the folk sounds of Hungary, Romania and the Balkans into a fast-paced musical firework. Packed with 14 original compositions, through ‘Phoenix’ the group strives to put a contemporary, personal, and emotionally charged spin on the traditional music of their respective homelands. 

Authentically capturing the essence of several rich musical cultures, the album pays tribute to the sounds of the past while crystal clear modern production, vocal layering, and catchy hooks give the album a modern pop sensibility.

Virtuosic violin runs, wailing clarinet melodies, and bowed double bass solos illustrate that the group is made up of highly technically skilled musicians capable of a wide array of textures and feelings on their respective instruments. Dark minor harmony, playful melodic articulation, and intricate arrangements float atop irrefutable dance-y grooves in a celebration of the return of the lives we’ve missed so much. The sextet’s compositional approach is full of twists and a healthy dose of humor, exhibited beautifully by the surprising and spontaneous appearance of a slow blues sandwiched between upbeat European folk songs.

Vocalist Katalin Horvath provides moments of melancholic contrast with strong, heartfelt vocal performances accompanied by delicate nylon guitar plucking and lamenting clarinet improvisations from guest artist Mulo Francel of the internationally acclaimed world music quartet Quadro Nuevo


Foaie Verde

Line up

Sebastian Mare | violin

Katalin Horvath | vocals

Frank Wekenmann | guitar

Vladimir Trenin | bajan

Veit Hübner | bass

Mulo Francel (guest) | clarinet saxophone

Track Listing

Lassan Kocsis
Cut to the Chase!
Kur Me Del Ne Deere feat. Mulo Francel
Makedonsko Devojce feat.Mulo Francel
Hora de la Oltenita
Gino’s Swing feat. Mulo Francel
Dragii Mei
Stoican Frate
Moldovian Shepherd’s Dance 



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