Tales (May 7th)

Release: May 7th, 2021
GLM Music | FM 322

Tales is the debut album from Firasso: a trio which unites three musicians who, in normal circumstances, may never have crossed paths.

The group unites a classical clarinetist, an accordion player specialised in ‘new music’ and a jazz double bassist.

Together, they fuse a post-genre mix of music which draws on the musical vocabulary of tango, klezmer, Balkan music and French musette.

The music – all original compositions – is one of contrast: affectionate and  melancholic one moment, rich, fiery and passionate the next.

The line-up may be unusual, but the instruments are joined together by their warmth: Robert Beck’s mellow, woody tone on the clarinet, the depth of Nils Imhorst’s double bass and Marko Kassl with the unmistakable sound of accordion – unique as the only polyphonic wind instrument out there.

For the musicians, the spirit of this project comes down to life: exciting, sad, angry, cheerful… sometimes even bizarre. 

Each unpacks his own stories, musical or otherwise and, together, they find common ground.

Influenced by the corona times they – like everyone else – were living in, Firasso skilfully combines sadness and wit into 13 highly original songs.

Firasso | Tales

Robert Beck clarinet, bass clarinet
Marko Kassl accordion
Nils Imhorst bass

1. Kaeues
2. 06 55 Uhr 
3. El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Corona
4. Herbst Walter

5. Valle
6. Ska Problem
7. Intermezzo
8. Walfahrt Nach Koeln
9. Zuchpe
10. Ennio
11. Mus@ Wav
12. An Tante Rampicante
13. Lominga

Firasso photo

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Marko, the guy with the squeezebox, plays the only harmony instrument and is also responsible for the harmonic atmosphere in the band.  

Marko Kassl: “The accordion combines wind and keyboard instrument. It is the only polyphonic wind instrument I love its tonal flexibility, which effortlessly fits into any style and enriches it with soul.”  Studied accordion in Klagenfurt, Graz, Detmold and Essen. Is also a member of the ensemble Black Pen-cil and the duo Mares.

Robert organizes the chocolate croissants and most other things. And he blows the clarinet. 

Nils makes cappuccino and plays the double bass when he’s not composing new stuff.  Nils Imhorst: “What I love most about my bass is the warmth it radiates. And the stories it tells me and that I am allowed to entrust to it.” Studied double bass and electric bass with a focus on jazz in Essen. Performed with the quartet Klezcetera in many European countries and as a musician in various theater productions.  

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