Esther Kaiser


March 4th 2022

Release: March 4th 2022

“The kind of charisma that can brighten gloomy days”
– HNA Zeitung

Genre-bending German vocalist Esther Kaiser brings together her quintet and a range of guest soloists to present Water (March 4th, GLM Music), her latest studio album.

A major voice on the contemporary German jazz scene for two decades, the sixteen songs are laced with shimmering socio-political themes and climate-related dimensions. 

Inspired by the book The End Of The Ocean by Norwegian author Maja Lunde, the music shimmers, ebbs and flows like the subject matter itself.

Musically, the arrangements shift from grooving vamps and multi-layered ballads to free improvisation and classical-infused passages. At the helm, Kaiser showcases herself not just as an accomplished singer, but also an astute bandleader, adept composer and talented instrumentalist with cameos on synths, percussion and glass harp.

Packed with nuance and real-life experience, the water-themed set is brought to life with a beautifully curated group of musicians, including guest appearances from the string quartet Die Nixen (“The Sirens”) , oboist Marie-Christine Gitman and trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky. 

Kaiser’s quartet is completed by long-time associates Tino Derado on piano and accordion, Marc Muellbaer on bass and Roland Schneider on drums.

“Water is the origin of all things. It’s the substance from which everything emerges and to which all things will return” – Thales of Miletus 

Esther Cover

Line up

Esther Kaiser| vocals, synths, percussion, glass harp, compositions

Tino Derado | piano, accordion

Marc Muellbaer | bass


Roland Schneider | drums 

Marie-Christine Gitman | oboe, English horn

Sebastian Studnitzky | trumpet

Die Nixen | strings


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