Elmar Frey

Seven Colors

November 3, 2023

Release: November 3, 2023

Pioneered by the likes of Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and Charles Mingues, Post-Bop had its heyday in the early 1960’s, but some believe the genre still holds a wealth of stylistic possibilities awaiting to be explored. Leaning heavily into the sounds and feelings of the golden era of post-bop, Swiss drummer Elmar Frey presents ‘Seven Colors’, set to release on the 3rd of November.

With 13 records as a bandleader, over 30 as a sideman, and performances alongside the likes of Benny Golson, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Barry Harris, Greg Osby under his belt, ‘Seven Colors’ expands on Frey’s 2005 sextet release ‘News From The Past’, adding another brass voice for a fuller and more colorful sound. 

With the lineup reading as a ‘Who’s Who’ of the Swiss Jazz scene, each individual is a virtuosic soloist on their instrument, coming together to put their skills in service of the whole. 

Characterized by bluesy melodies underpinned by rich grooves and embellished with bold brass arrangements, Frey’s septet is united by their primary goal of creating and sharing joy.

“We’re not attempting to fulfill any intellectual criteria with over intellectual and pleasure-averse music,” Frey says. “Our goal is to have fun and spread it.”

Featuring nine original compositions, through his writing Frey strove primarily to explore his passion for post-bop, Soul-jazz, and contemporary trends in the New York scene, as well as influences from further afield including Latin and East-Asian music. His arrangements effortlessly create interplay and space between the complex, syncopated ensemble writing and high-energy improvisation, resulting in a playful, dynamic and modern spin on one of Jazz’s most influential subgenres.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Elmar Frey | Drums
Daniel Schenker | Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Christoph Grab | Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute
Stefan Schlegel | Trombone, Valve Trombone
Alessandro d’Episcopo | Piano
German Klaiber | Bass

Track Listing

Blue Course Ready
Here Comes Livio
Raffaela’s Waltz
Oriental 2nd Line
Shadow Play
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Peter’s Blues



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30th October 2021


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