Ellas Kapell

For All We Know

November 10, 2023

Release: November 10, 2023

While many have re-interpreted the classic jazz compositions of our time, few have done it in such innovative and creative ways as Stockholm based quartet Ellas Kapell, if critics and audiences are to be believed. Their third album ‘For All We Know’, is set to release on the 10th of November on Naxos Prophone Records.

The four members met in 2016 and have gone on to release two critically acclaimed albums, win the Golden Album Reader’s Choice Award (JAZZ/Orkesterjournalen), be named the Vocal Jazz Act of the Year by Lira Music Magazine, garner over four million streams, and collaborate with some of the biggest names in Swedish Jazz including Karin Hammar and Magnus Lindgren.

‘For All We Know’ follows their 2021 release ‘What’s It All About’, and continues in their quest to breathe new life into the standard repertoire of the 20th Century. This time around, the quartet set out with the goal of creating a musical atmosphere that allows the listener to both rest in the familiar as well as discover the unknown.

The record’s sound is sorrowful with glimpses of hope, enabling light and positivity to permeate the cracks in their Scandinavian-noir tone. Creative reharmonization, thoughtful arrangements and a European jazz sensibility are the primary tools used to provide modern contexts for songs any jazz fan will be all too familiar with. 

With a playful, improvisatory aura, Lovisa Jennervall’s effortlessly powerful vocals carry the quartet through melodic solos, deconstructed jazz standard forms, melancholic harmony synonymous with the Scandinavian jazz idiom and a wide-reaching array of grooves bridging the gap between American and European approaches to the genre.

With an undeniable passion and respect for the tradition at the ensemble’s core, Ellas Kapell achieve balance between capturing the timeless sound of the music they fell in love with and the fresh, contemporary energy of a band striving to reflect their 21st Century musical identities into the artform.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Lovisa Jennervall | Vocals
Manne Skafvenstedt | Piano
August Eriksson | Double Bass
Edvin Glänte | Drums

Track Listing

I Get Along Without You Very Well
Autumn Leaves
For All We Know
How Could You
Something on Your Mind
Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
Devil May Care
If I Should Lose You
(They Long to Be) Close to You
For All We Know 






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