Dimitri Howald ILJA

Spiritual Cycle

Release: 6th Nov 2020 (antidro records)

Spiritual Cycle is the sophomore album from Swiss band Ilja. Led by guitarist Dimitri Howald, the music is rougher, crazier and yet more intimate than ever.  

With closed eyes and an open heart Dimitri Howald has – in a few short years – established himself as one of Switzerland’s most prolific young musicians. 

“An excursion into the endless fantasies of jazz”
The Bund

Citing Lage Lund, Kurt Rosenwinkel & Stian Westerhus as influences, he’s already appeared at European festivals with the likes of Django Bates (Human Chain project) and the Euroradio Jazzorchestra, conducted by Airelle Besson.

On Spiritual Cycle the guitarist, along with analogue effects and his 5-piece band Ilja makes music that flickers between ethereal and churchlike, to something you’d hear in the backroom of your local pub. 

Dimitri Howard’s multi-faceted career to date has seen him explore the outer realms of jazz. Whether performing solo, leading his trio or in this Ilja project, his musical vision stays clear, touching on drones, ambient sounds and multi-faceted layers of sound. 

This is music for the curious and open-minded. Wild, expressive solos, beautiful harmonies and energetic vamps, pulled together underneath 6 well-crafted melodies.

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