Dario Napoli

Joie de Vivre

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“Joie De Vivre” is the 4th release from Dario Napoli’s  ‘Modern Manouche’ project, bringing a passion for gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt firmly into the 21st century. 

With fellow guitarist Tommaso Papini holding down the rhythmic framework and bassist Tonino De Sensi completing the trio, the music was captured live at Energy Studio in Eindhoven – where some of the most famous gypsy musicians of recent times have recorded. 

Joie de vivre (album cover)

“Keeping the cherished Django sound alive today” – London Jazz News

Aside from the obvious gypsy swing influences, original and standard compositions mix elements from bebop and modern jazz through to funk and groove. 

The result is an unpredictable and exuberant sound, which steals from various musical eras and leads you through a rich and vibrant sonic experience… without ever totally abandoning the gypsy imprint of Django. 

“The privilege of touring the world and meeting new people and, at the same time, creating music… That, in a nutshell, is Joie De Vivre” – Dario Napoli

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