Daniel Karlsson Trio

Sorry Boss

October 6, 2023

Release: October 6, 2023

For a decade, the Daniel Karlsson Trio have cemented themselves as one of the most interesting constellations in Swedish and wider European Jazz. With lengthy tours of Europe and UK, a Swedish Grammy Award, and placements on Spotify and Youtube’s largest Editorial Contemporary Jazz Playlists under their belts, their seventh album ‘Sorry Boss’ is set to release on October 6th on Howling Jazz!!!.

Recorded in Karlsson’s home studio on the Swedish Island of Runmarö, surrounded by the silence and darkness of the Baltic sea, Karlsson sought inspiration for the record from the minutiae of daily life.

The trio’s sound has a wide spectrum of influences across genres. Described by their audiences and critics alike as playful and fearless of taboos, their Nordic melancholic tone blends with hints of rhythms from around the world as well as Soul from the sixties. Executed in an unmistakably playful and personal way, ‘Sorry Boss’ floats between bright head-bopping grooves, solo piano explorations of dense harmony, laid-back bluesy attitude and everything in between.

While Karlsson’s writing is as grounded in a love for the past as a push for the future, it is their contemporary production style that places this record in an undeniably modern space. Vast reverbs, warm synth pads, and the sound of affected acoustic instruments take the listener on a meandering journey between the intimacy of three musicians playing in a living room to the immersive quality of boundless ethereal spaces. 

The Daniel Karlsson trio will be celebrating the release of ‘Sorry Boss’ with an extensive tour of Europe from September 2023 to March 2024.

Harald Walkate

Line up

Daniel Karlsson | Piano, keyboards
Christian Spering | Double Bass
Fredrik Rundqvist | Drums, percussion

Track Listing

bus stop story
sorry boss
last minute
heaven or elsewhere
happy hour
confidential document
pigeons on the wire
clock out


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