Clarice Assad, Johan Dynnesen, Jesper Bodilsen, Francesco Calì + guests

Window to the World

September 12, 2022

Release: 12th September, 2022

“a reimagining of Milton Nascimento’s timeless songs”

Grammy-nominated Brazilian singer-pianist Clarice Assad leads a European trio and host of special guests in an intimate tribute to iconic singer-songwriter Milton Nascimento.

Out on September 12th, Window to the World takes inspiration from one of Brazil’s most prized cultural treasures who has inspired generations of artists across musical genres and borders. 

“I was born into the music of this iconic singer-songwriter, absorbing it before I could barely speak” – Clarice Assad 

With the majority of the album recorded on a single afternoon in a Copenhagen studio, it’s a stripped back collection of piano- and vocal-led arrangements which showcase the group’s spontaneity, playfulness and joy at celebrating Brazil’s icon. 

Lush vocals, energetic accordion solos (Francesco Calì), delicate drum grooves (Johan Dynnesen) and the supple bass lines of Jesper Bodilsen are augmented by the layered percussion of Keita Ogawa (with whom Assad toured as a duo for ten years playing Nascimento’s music) and guest vocals from Clarice’s brother Rodrigo Assad and singer Muato.

Capturing the essence and spirit of Nascimento’s songs, the ensemble impart their own identities into nine reimaginings, juxtaposing moments of dark harmony and tension against infectiously positive Brazilian grooves. 



Line up

Clarice Assad | vocals, piano

Johan Dynnesen | drums

Jesper Bodilsen | bass

Francesco Calì | accordion


Keita Ogawa | percussion (tracks 1 & 4)

Rodrigo Assad | voice (tracks 3 & 8)

Muato | voice (tracks 1 & 7)

Track Listing

Canção do Sal – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
Clube da Esquina nº 1 – Milton Nascimento/ Lô Borges / Marcio Borges
Janela para o Mundo – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
Milagre dos Peixes – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
Saudades dos Aviões da Panair (Conversando No Bar) – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
Nada Será Como Antes – Milton Nascimento & Ronaldo Bastos
Clube Da Esquina nº 2 – Milton Nascimento/ Lô Borges / Marcio Borges
Morro Velho – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant

*Medley: Caxaná (Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant) Fe Cega, Faca Amolada (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos), Paula e Bebeto (Milton Nascimento / Caetano Veloso)

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