Room of Silence

A “Room of Silence” is a place with a variety of meanings and intentions.

It can be somewhere to linger in stillness and quietude such as the “Room of Silence” at the Brandenburg Gate, an oasis of tranquility right in the middle of the teeming Berlin metropolis.

Then there are the “Rooms of Silence” found in acoustic sound and research laboratories where all sound reflections are artificially eliminated and a surreal, almost threatening, calm prevails.

Just as the silence in both situations can have an astonishing effect and allow the discovery of something completely new, a piano can sound not only strong and dominant, but, in stillness, enfold its full magic in the soft, delicate and mysterious as well.

CHRIS GALL, autumn 2018

Room of Silence

“Room of Silence” is available from the 9th Nov. The single – “It Never Entered My Mind” – is available now!

What The Press Say About Chris…

“an utterly unique sound that remains impeccably articulated even in the thickest of melancholy fogs, such as we know only from a classically trained pianist.” PIANO NEWS (UK)

“A musical border-crossing for open, adventurous-minded ears.” JAZZTHETHIK (DE)

“…evidence that jazz is alive and kicking in Germany” JAZZWISE MAGAZINE (UK)

“What strikes us above all is primarily Gall’s enormous talent as an author of short stories.”JAZZTHING (DE)


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