Bévort 3

Live 2020-2021

Feb 18, 2022

Release: 18th Feb 2022

Perhaps one of Denmark’s best-kept secrets for the longest time, saxophonist Pernille Bévort follows up her acclaimed 2021 album ‘On Fire’ with a live recording which showcases the raw power and inventiveness of her playing and composition skills. 

Reigniting the spirit of those 1950s and 1960s live discs by the likes of Sonny Rollins & John Coltrane, the album – simply titled Live 2020-2021’ – captures the trio at Jazzhus Montmartre (Dec 5, 2020) and then Skuespilhuset’s Foyer (July 16, 2021).

Crammed with intimate and imaginative interaction, Bévort is joined by bassist Morten Ankarfeldt and drummer Espen Laub von Lillienskjold as the attentive listener hears them seize the moment, up close and personally.

This is by no means a live album for the sake of it; the recording documents eight compositions which come together into one fresh and dynamic set, picking up the story where On Fire left off.

In the almost 30 years since graduating from the celebrated Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Danish saxophonist Pernille Bévort has carved out a reputation as one of the most in-demand and creative improvisers in the country and a mainstay of many of the top Swedish and Danish large ensembles.

It’s the relatively recent emergence of her trio Bévort 3 that has seen her receive international acclaim; a real revelation for many jazz journalists and fans outside of Scandinavia – not to mention a place as a mainstay on many of Spotify’s most popular jazz playlists.

But whilst her trio thrusts her playing into the spotlight, she’s no stranger to the big stage. Her touring and recording credits take in a who’s who of modern jazz history, performing alongside players such as Randy Brecker, Tony Coe, John Scofield, Charlie Watts and Richard Bona.

A live recording of this level  during covid – with an audience no less! – is already special, but the fact that this approach leaves so little room for edits and alterations after it’s been recorded makes this collection sound all the fresher. 

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Bévort 3 Live 2020-2021 COVER

Line Up

Pernille Bévort | saxophone, compositions
Morten Ankarfeldt | double bass
Espen Laub von Lillienskjold
| drums 

Track Listing 

Who’s got it (live at Montmartre 2020)
Apricot Blossom (live 2021)
Bevarro (live 2021)
Mit Fiktive Sommerhus (live 2021)
Trefoil (live at Montmartre 2020)
Trio Temptations (live at Montmartre 2020)
Minor Clues (live at Montmartre 2020)
Theme for Ernie (live 2021)

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