Close To Home (June 8th)

Release: June 8th, 2021

On his fourth album, Close to Home, Israeli pianist Ari Erev assembles a stellar cast of musicians to explore the many spaces and places that a 21st Century musician calls home.

The group may be a piano trio at its core, but Erev takes full advantage of the additional colours at his disposal, with the addition of New York-based flutist Hadar Noiberg, acclaimed percussionist Gilad Dobrecky & hotly tipped saxophonist Yuval Cohen.

Together, they dance through 13 songs on a record which is rooted in jazz but showcases Erev’s long-time passion for world music and, in particular, Latin influences. 

Whilst the range may be broad, the tracks are tied together in their strongly melodic treatment and rich harmony.

Flutist Hadar Noiberg’s expressive tone and style hints at classical & Brazilian influences, whilst acclaimed percussionist Gilad Dobrecky infuses tracks with Latin style. Hotly-tipped saxophonist Yuval Cohen on soprano adds a sensitive touch to proceedings and long-time associates Assaf Hakimi (bass) and Gasper Bertoncelj (drums) join Erev in the rhythm section.

Perhaps best summed up by the dedication of “Afar” to his daughter Tal, Ari explains Close To Home tells my story of family members, close friends and familiar places, to whom I relate and feel deep emotions towards. Our loved ones, the street we live in, the local shop, the near-by playground, our hometown and homeland. This album is about these people and places.”

In addition to 8 original compositions, Erev adds fascinating reinterpretations and arrangements of songs by Paul Simon (Still Crazy After All These Years), Keith Jarrett (So Tender), Antonio Carlos Jobim (Olha Maria), Brazilian pianist/composer Debora Gurgel (Para Sempre), and Israeli artist Efraim Shamir (Shi’ur Moledet).

Ari Erev - album cover

“a gifted artist… one of the finest pianists on the international jazz scene today”  – Ed Blanco, All About Jazz

Ari Erev Photo

 Ari Erev piano
Assaf Hakimi bass
Gasper Bertoncelj drums
Gilad Dobrecky percussion
Yuval Cohen saxophone
Hadar Noiberg flute

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